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(Expired) Sustainability Project Executive - AEON Vietnam


Job title:

Sustainability Project Executive


Sustainability Project (Base in HCM)

Job family:

Sustainability Project

Typical Education:

University Degree

Typical Experience:

From 02-03 years

Job Grade:



Management Back Office


Corporate Sustainability

Employee type:

Full time

Report to:

Sustainability Deputy Manager (G4)


The Corporate Sustainability Department is responsible for the goal of “Creating & Maintaining AEON Brand Love in the local Communities”.The Department aims to create a sustainable society where we locates, through our role as the Good Corporate Citizen, following AEON’s Ethics and the Code of Conducts. To deliver the desired goals, the Department has 3 main functions:


To build a strategic & data-driven management system for the Company in terms of Sustainability, including but not limited to below scopes:

1.1 Strategic planning

1.2 Sustainability risk management

1.3 Sustainability Committee management

1.4 Sustainability reporting


- Ensure communications, dialogue and engagement in term of AEON Sustainability efforts to both internal & external stakeholder

- Closely collaborate with Corporate Communications Department to make sure the Sustainability angle is implemented across communications strategy

- Support the effort to make AEON is recognized as Top Sustainable Retailer by Stakeholders through Awards achievement, Partnership, and Capability Enhancement tactic

- Related stakeholders as below:

1. Government, Local Authority (both Vietnam & Japan)

2. Business Advisor

3. Related Business Associations/ Coalition

4. Employee

5. Consumer

6. Landlord

7. Shareholder, Investor


Together with related departments to conduct Sustainability projects in local communities where AEON has business, with the aim to create & maintain Brand reputation, engage local citizen, involve local staffs, gain good relationship & support with local authorities. Sustainability project is divided into 3 pillars:

Pillar 1: Environment - Minimize business impact onto local environment through:

Pillar 2: Human - Respect and grow human capital through:

Pillar 3: Society - Support local community growth by Good Corporate Citizen responsibility through:

CSR is not in charge of Corporate Communications, promotions of sales and marketing activities; however, if those can be applicable to enhance CSR activities then CSR will coordinate cross-departments, and CSR have rights to get supported regarding PR activities, promotions of sales or marketing activities from the relevant departments.


This Sustainability Project Executive is a special strategic position of to enhance communications of Sustainability direction to both internal & external stakeholders. This position's mission is to support AEON Vietnam's long term goal to become a beloved Corporate Citizen to Vietnam society.


Sustainability Brand Enhancement (40%)

1.1) Sustainability Identity guideline

Support Manager(s) in developing Sustainability Communications asset (thematic video, guideline, master visual, ...). Scope of work include but not limit to:

_ Develop creative brief

_ Selecting suitable creative agency

_ Follow up for final deliverables

_ Annual update proposal if any

(1.2) Ensure Sustainability & External Relations activities are disclosed on AEON Vietnam's own communications channels

_ Coordinate with other

_ Sustainability project leaders to ensure project information provision

_ Develop content calendar to recruit/ recap all

_ Sustainability projects on own channels

_ Working with related departments (Corporate Communications - CC, Marketing, ...) to ensure content airing according to plan

_ Working with outsource

_ Freelancer for content development base on

_ Sustainability projects information

(1.3) Ensure Sustainability & External Relations content is reflected correctly on AEON Vietnam's mass communications plan

Coordinate with CC department to provide Sustainability calendar, defining keyhook & ensure the Sustainability story is conveyed correctly in:

_ Annual Sustainability

_ Communications plan

_ Planned and Ad-hoc media interviews

_ Communications assets from Group in Japan (Hot press,...)

Sustainability projects execution: Youth nurturing (40%)

This position will incharge of implementing AEON Cheers Club - a signature Youth Nurturing activity of AEON in Japan, in Vietnam. Scope of work include but not limit to:

(2.1) Follow up the development of SDG Education content

_ Develop content development brief

_ Select suitable agency

_ Follow up the final deliverables

(2.2) Develop project team org-chart:

_ Develop project org-chart to match with expansion plan of Cheers Club according to Board of Director's request _ Define scope of work of Internal manpower (Operations, HQ) and external manpower (Outsourced project Coordinators) _ Provide suitable training to related manpower to ensure project deliverables, guidelines, SOP, ...

(2.3) Develop program Standard Operations Procedure (SOP)

Develop Standard Operations Procedure for both Operations & HQ based on program requirement and Thematic Life Cycle

(2.4) Ensure project deliverables

_ Working with all related manpower to ensure deliver the program according to plan, in both Local & National scale _ Report project output & outcomes accordingly

Sustainability Market Monitoring (10%)

(3.1) Support Manager(s) in developing Sustainability Market Monitoring brief (3.2) Working with suitable agency to finalize quotation, scheme, reporting template, ... (3.3) Proof-read the monitoring report to ensure matching with required standards (3.4) Support Manager(s) in giving suggestion relating to AEON business from the key findings of the monitoring report

Other Work management tasks (5%)

(3.1) Perform essential tasks to support for main scope of work: contracting, purchasing request, payment request, business trip application, ... (3.2) Engage in daily communication, bonding, mentoring, coaching, review, etc with direct supervisor and team members in proper frequency (such as daily, weekly, monthly, annually) to ensure work updates, timely consultant and expectation alignment. (3.3) Occassionally (but not regular) support other project leaders as a part of on-site event/ activity (3.4) Support Manager other minor assigned tasks within the limits of available resources

Personal growth & team development (5%)

(4.1) At AEON we consider Personal Growth as important as Business Growth, so you are suggested to take time to identify personal strengths, practice reflection, enhance self-awareness, and frequently communicate with Direct Supervisor. Those information is useful to balance the Position's performance and Your own satisfaction at work. (4.2) At AEON we promote life-long learning culture, so you are encouraged to propose needed training to contribute to the Position's functional scope as well as your own Personal growth;

(4.3) At AEON we ensure Diversity and Inclusion, so you are suggested to leverage team members' strengths for the common goals of the Team. We also appreciate different initiatives/ perspective which promote Team & Company growth and Innovation.


1. University degrees in 1 of following study field: Social Sciences & Humanity, Business Administration, Marketing, Communications;

2. Higher Education is not required, but a plus;

3. Functional Certificate relating to any field of Sustainability is not required, but a plus;

4. Minimum 02 year of experiences in 1 of following field: CSR projects, Community projects, Event, CSR communications

PREFERRED SKILLS (Score range: 10)


Strategic thinking/ Tư duy chiến lược |3

Instrumental Understanding: 5 Why/ Thấu hiểu cốt lõi: phương pháp 5 |8

Innovative thinking/ Tư duy đổi mới |8

System Thinking/ Tư duy hệ thống |5


Communication/ Giao tiếp |8

Interpersonal/ Tương tác liên cá nhân |8

Effective Teamwork/ Làm việc nhóm hiệu quả |8


Value Driven Competencies & Motivation/ Động lực & giá trị thúc đẩy |2

Self-strengths awareness/  Nhận thức về thế mạnh bản thân |5

Reflection/ Soi chiếu |5

Willing to change/ (change management) |5


1    Project Management Quản lý dự án |8

2    Planning Lập kế hoạch |8

3    Reporting Báo cáo |8

4 Presentation Thuyết trình |8

5 Understand metrics and reporting Thấu hiểu dữ liệu |5

6 Research & Analysis Tìm kiếm thông tin & phân tích |8

7 Data-based Decision making Ra quyết định dựa trên dữ liệu |5

8 Problem Solving Giải quyết vấn đề |8

9 English efficiency Tiếng Anh |5

*NOTE: CV in English only

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